You Think Slicing Fresh Round Cake is a Pain?

Every day, bakeries around the world notice increasing customer demand on sliced fresh round cakes.

Reduce slicing time, increase production!
Trial it for 30 days - or your money back.

What is a CakePortioner

CakePortioner is an effort free way to cut your fresh soft round cakes into perfectly even wedge shaped slices again and again.

  • CakePortioner is a fully automated slicing machine to cut fresh soft round cake.
  • CakePortioner can slice any fresh round soft cake faster and better than any other equipment on the market.
  • CakePortioner is the first choice for fresh round soft cake production companies around the world.
  • CakePortioner is superior to ultrasonic blade cutting machines at a fraction of the costs.

If you are interested in these great
benefits, read below or you can start now!

A brief overview of slicing fresh round cake

Every day, bakeries around the world notice increasing customer demand for sliced cakes and especially for fresh soft sliced cakes.

Until now only big production companies have the money, space and volumes to cut their fresh soft cakes with ultrasonic cutting machines or even robots.

Others blast freeze their cakes and slice them with manual or semi-automatic blade cutting machines.

The majority of bakeries - small to medium (and even large) - still spend hours and hours slicing up their fresh soft round cakes with a knife which not only costs them time and money but their staff become frustrated and bored.

Reduce slicing time, increase production!
Trial it for 30 days - or your money back.

Work Like The Big Companies ... Without The High Costs!

Before CakePortioner, businesses needed ultra-expensive equipment to slice fresh round cake into perfectly even wedge shaped slices. That's why such tools and equipment are only used by the biggest production companies in the market.

The good news is you can now have a machine that slices cakes at just a fraction of the cost. With CakePortioner, all bakeries - from small to large - now have access to the same exclusive tools and accessories as the big producers, without spending excessive amounts for machinery and production space.

With the CakePortioner slicing machine, you will be able to participate in the fast growing market of sliced soft round cakes without the high costs.

Reduce Labour Costs, Increase Profits!
Trial it for 30 days - or your money back.

What You Get When You Use CakePortioner

CakePortioner is more than a slicing machine. It is the solution to your fresh round soft cake production problems.
With CakePortioner there is no need for ultra-expensive equipment anymore.

Your CakePortioner will

  • Increase Production Output
  • Reduce Cutting Time
  • Improve Portion Quality
  • Reduce Labour costs
  • Boost Production
  • Increase Profit

And you get more

# We will give you the best slicing tool in the market to quickly boost your production output of any fresh soft round cake. A toolthat has been thoroughly tested by one of the biggest cake production companies in the UK.

# We will help you identify the quick and simple tasks that will increase your production output from day one.

# The advanced - but simple to use - slicing controller allows you to choose the number of portions required. Differently sized slicing discs for 6" to 12" cakes guarantee the flexibility you need.

# Learn what it takes to become an slicing expert - discover the latest tactics and strategies to slice up any fresh round cake. For various companies slicing strategies were developed to improve portion quality and consistency, to Increase profit margins by never having an unsaleable portion of an irregular size.

Ready to order your CakePortioner?
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Why it is Risk-Free For You To Try

CakePortioner is the easiest way to cut your fresh soft round cakes into perfectly even slices again and again. Try it out and if you are not absolutely delighted you can return it for a refund- if you are not reducing your slicing time and boosting your production within 30 days you are protected by our 100% No-Risk Guarantee.

If you are not reducing your slicing time on fresh round soft cakes or boosting your production output over the next 30 days, just let us know, return your CakePortioner and we will give you a prompt refund. No questions asked.

  • Get your CakePortioner to cut your fresh round cake.
  • Learn from the samples and apply them to your production.
  • Call our support team if you have a question.
  • During your free trial you can return the machine at any time.
  • No questions asked. Prompt refund.

What Our Customers Like About CakePortioner -
Here is What Some of Them Said

Cake Portioner is the greatest piece of machinery we have ever purchased. Cakes for Tea, Berkshire

Table top machine that fits into our small kitchen and cuts our cakes perfectly. BNOP Desserts

We tested out your machine and now we cannot let it go it saves us so much time and cuts perfectly. VCT Desserts, Scotland

Just to let you know we are recommending your machine to other business within our industry. The Chocolate Surprise Company, Dorset

Have not stopped using this machine since the day of delivery. We have been able to double our cake production because of the speediness of this machine. Our Dessert Company, Ireland

Just to let you know your machine is great, we have now been able to throw away all our knives. Our staff are no longer bored with hand cutting cakes. Tea for Two Dublin

Our cakes are now cut into equal portions with no wastage. It takes less than 1 minute to cut a cake that used to take us 10 minutes. Thank you Cake Portioner. The Posh Nosh Company Essex

This is such an easy machine to use and so easy to keep clean. It cuts our soft creamy cakes perfectly. Great investment for us. Sweet Times Company, Somerset

We would never have thought about decorating our cakes after slicing them. You are right they are perfectly decorated and look as though they have not been sliced at all. They look so inviting in our display cabinet. Changing how we work does not make the process any longer, in fact using CakePortioner speeds up the process. Many thanks. Stewart, Production Manager, EasyEatCakes

After years of struggling with hand cutting our cakes into pefect portions, we now own a CakePortioner. Best investment we have made for our company in a long time. We are now supplying our perfectly portioned cakes to many more states in the USA. Cheers from all our staff at Florida based Robyn’s World of Cakes.

Our staff stood for hours hand cutting our cakes, it took hours, now they are all cut in less than half the time. Great machine. Gastrocakes, Scotland

Your machine cuts our very difficult cakes into perfect wedges with no wastage. The profits are all ours. Many thanks Cake Corporation

We wanted to let you know you were right, we do not have to freeze our cakes before cutting them to get a perfect portion. Slicing them fresh cuts down on our production time. CC Dallas

Mark MD of Cheesecake City, MA CakePortioner slots into our business perfectly. Great not to have to freeze anymore. We thought you would like to know.

We tried CakePortioner for the 30 day money back guarantee. We are not giving it back as you were 100% right it slices our products perfectly. Cory, Slice Is Nice, Canda

We only make cream cakes and could not offer customers pre-sliced, as we could not slice them without the slices looking messy. Because of CakePortioner we can now offer this service and have doubled our customer base. Carmen, Rococo Panadería, Spain

Reduce slicing time, Increase production!
Trial it for 30 days - or your money back.

Get Started Today & Discover How CakePortioner Can Boost Your Slicing Profits in 30 Days ... or Your Money Back.

CP210 W

Half Automatic

CakePortioner CP310W

CP310 W

Most popular

CakePortioner CP310W

CP110 W

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CakePortioner CP210W
Machine Half-automatic machine Fully-automatic machine Manual machine
Products Fresh Round Soft Cake & Dessert Fresh Round Soft Cake & Dessert Fresh Round Soft Cake & Dessert
Products per Hour 50 per hour 100 per hour 20 per hour
Product Diameter 6" to 12" 6" to 12" 6" to 12"
Product Height 5" 7" 5"
Slices per Product 10/12/14/16 Product dial 2 to 20 slices 10/12/14/16 Product dial
Housing Stainless steel housing Stainless steel housing Stainless steel housing
  • Product Dial
  • Quick wire change system
  • Easy wire cleaning
  • 110V/ 220V Single Phase

  • Made in Germany
  • Worldwide Patent
  • Portion select button
  • Quick wire change system
  • Easy wire cleaning
  • 110V/ 220V Single Phase

  • Made in Germany
  • Worldwide Patent
  • Foot Pedal
  • Product Dial
  • Quick wire change system
  • Easy wire cleaning

  • Made in Germany
  • Worldwide Patent
Safety Casing No No No

Standard email support

Standard email support

Standard email support


Did You Know That CakePortioner Will Increase Your Slicing Production ByMore Than 500% !

It sounds too good to be true, but you can do the math. On average cutting a soft fresh cake with CakePortioner takes about 30 seconds. Doing the same with a knife can easily take 6 to 10 minutes, depending on the cake.

A case study showed that people who
used CakePortioner boosted their
slicing business in first 30 days by more
than a 100%