Common Questions

How does CakePortioner slice the cake ?

With a wire. CakePortioner is the only machine on the market available, using an ultra thin 0.4mm thick stainless steel wire. The wire is smooth round and cuts any fresh soft round products into perfectly even wedge slices again and again.

Does CakePortioner slice any fresh soft round cakes ?

Yes, CakePortioner is developed to cut any fresh soft round cake with no large hard pieces in its sponge ingredients. Examples are cheesecakes, cream cakes, coffee & walnut cake, chocolate cake, carrot cakes and many others. There are hundreds of cakes that this machine cuts through into perfectly even portions. Hard or frozen cake and pastry can not be cut.

How many portions will CakePortioner cut ?

You can cut any fresh soft round cake into 2 to 20 slices in a fraction of time. Use the portion select button to select the number of portions required and start.

How long does CakePortioner take to cut a cake ?

CakePortioner is very quick. To slice a cake into 16 even portions takes about 45 seconds.

Can CakePortioner cut different sized cakes ?

Yes. CakePortioner comes with a 10" turntable disc. Additional turntables are availbale in size 6", 7", 8", 9", 11" and 12" and can be bought separately.

Is CakePortioner easy to use ?

Yes, CakePortioner is very easy to use. Choose the size of cake you want to cut and select the right turntable disc. Place the cake on the machine, choose the number of slices required, press the start button and in about 30 seconds you have a perfectly sliced cake.

Is CakePortioner easy to keep clean ?

Yes. CakePortioner is very easy to clean. It just needs wiping down with warm soapy water or anti-bacterial wipes. The wire just needs wiping with anti-bacterial paper wipes.

Is a CakePortioner available in a safety casing ?

Yes. A safety casing is available. CakePortioner was designed to be safe. A safety casing might be necessary due to goverment safety regulations in certain countries. In case you are unsure please ask.

How long does the wire last ?

This depends on its usage. CakePortioner is designed to cut fresh soft round cakes with a wire. If the cake is too hard the wire will not go through and it is possible that the wire will break at a certain point to protect the machine. This is a safety feature. If CakePortioner is used correctly then the wire should be long lasting. Spare wire is available and should be stocked by the user.

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